12 Week Results Program  

12 Week Results $265

3 Private Workouts In-home  or Gym with your trainer, 1 per monthPlus Weekly Online Sessions programmed into your own Training App for your own workout designed specifically for you. Pick up your workouts on your iphone/ipad or laptop anytime, anywhere.
Includes LIVE video demonstrations of each exercise, Free Wellness Profile Live Online or Skype Call, Meal Plans, Dinner and Snack list along with healthy meal recipes. Download the MyFitnessPal App and connect with the Free Trainerize App. Get accountabiliy and motivation from your personal trainer. Connect your FitBit too so we can track all your movements.  This program also Includes 3 Myobuddy Self Myofascial Release Massage Sessions after Private workouts!

12 Week Online $125

12 Week Results Online Only

Workout at home or at your local gym anytime, anywhere with this affordable and flexible program. Includes LIVE video demonstrations of various exercises, Get 3-4 of my 15 minute workout video routines a week sent to your laptop or mobile device!  Just clear the floor, grab your free weights and workout with me.  You will be sent instructions on beginning the routine and work your way up to 1,2, or 3 rounds. Also get exercises for exercises using the bosu ball and stability ball if you have access to these fun fitness toys!  You will also get cardio workouts programmed into each training plan to help you boost your metabolism and burn bodyfat.

Free Wellness Profile, 3 Weekly meal plans, Nutritional Lessons, and Videos as well as Dinner and Snack list along with accountability and motivation . Option to Download the MyFitnessPal App or your FitBit and connect with the Free Trainerize App. Why Weight? Let's get started on your results today!

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